Kamiya Mobley, born in Florida by birth parents, Shanara Mobley and Craig Aiken, finally reunites with her parents.

We hear these stories on shows like “Snapped” . A woman is driven to the point to do something unthinkable and in most cases resulting in something more fatal. However, in this instance the victim lives an amazing life and ends up pleading for the offender.

Gloria Williams, 18 years ago was pregnant with her first child. She suffered a miscarriage. Gloria then took to the roads of Florida in search of the baby she longed for. Pretending to be a nurse in the hospital Gloria gazed upon a baby girl. The child being no more then a few hours old was taken from the hospital, and driven back to South Carolina for Gloria to raise. The baby was renamed and raised as Alexis Manigo. Years later Gloria also had two more children. The abducted child, Kamiyah Mobley formerly known as Alexiz Manigo and the other two siblings were raised as brother and sisters. Kamiyah ( Alexis Manigo ) states she was never treated harshly and was raised very well.

As her abducted parent waits behind bars to be sent back to Florida for charges, Kamiyah cries and pleads for the only mother she has known. Kamiyah took to her facebook page stating Gloria Williams (her mother ) was jot a felon. While happy to be around her birth family Kamiyah is still hopeful for the release of her abducting parent.

The Mobley and Aiken family can thank the National Center for missing children for bringing their baby girl back to them in 2016.


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