Carmelo Anthony and La La had an unrealistic hollywood love. Honestly, let’s think for a minute most hollywood couples don’t even last more than 2 years. What caused this separation? According to videos there was Carmelo hanging with strippers in the club, and his justifying his cheating on his wife, stating to team players ” La La is married, I am not” or was it questioning that La La had of her relationship that broke chemistry. Well regardless of it reason they still fought long and strong. La La and Carmelo had been an item for over 11 years, and according to La La not everyone in your life is meant to be there the entire time.


With rumors surfacing, through friends of La La and social media we have yet to wonder what kept this hollywood love so long and strong. Would 2 million dollars make you last in a relationship? If you would stay on that amount lord knows why Carmelo stuck it out. Melo is worth an estimated 90 million; Therefore, if there is no cheating claus or prenuptual agreement La La could receive a whopping 30 million dollars. Cheaper to keep her right! Now we all know La La is in no need for money because she has a mean record of business in her own rights, but the thought of Carmelo losing millions, hmmm he may not be in a good position for that especially if he ends up paying child support to their 10 year old son and the baby of his new mistress, because let’s keep it real when it starts off messy it ends messy.

What we can say is no matter what the reason was they still ran a good course. There may have been women before but there was not a baby involved, which could have been the deal breaker from La La. Check out the journey and the truths to their love here, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook



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